Enjoy Life After 50

For the young, the age of 50 may seem to be the beginning of the end, but a group of scientists claim that people actually start to enjoy life once they cross the threshold of fifty.featured image e1413547237883 Enjoy Life After 50There is perceivably  an  increased risk of death and disease, once you cross fifty.  Despite this,  people in their fifties worry less, ignore the negatives and accentuate the positives to enjoy life, according to scientists at Stony Brook University, New York. The researchers said that when people reach this landmark age, their stress, anger and worry fade gradually and feelings of happiness start to surge. Arthur Stone, one of the authors of study, said their findings were “striking”. “You would think that as chronic illness threatens life would get worse but that is not the case as people don’t focus on the threats”, he said. “They focus on the good things like family and friends.

According to the report which appeared in the Telegraph, the experts who undertook this study surveyed over 340,000 men and women in US between 18 and 85. Stress and anger reduced after people reached early 20s with worry declining after the age of fifty, they said.  According to this study, people over fifty consider themselves as young and are adopting a younger lifestyle. It also compared happiness to a U-shaped graph which moves from highest in the youth, lowest in the middle ages and again climbing up when you grow old.

Since you actually start to enjoy life after 50, it is up to you to sustain this enjoyment for a longer period by keeping mentally and physically healthy.  You can start making lifestyle changes, get your financial status stable to get a steady income and rediscover your interest in reading and other hobbies.

This website is aimed at  helping the seniors to be happy, healthy and financially sound to enjoy life to the fullest.