Kindle – The Best Ebook reader for Elders

Best ebook reader

Kindle The Best Ebook Reader

Most of the Baby Boomers and those over 50 belong to a generation, which still cherishes the romance of holding and reading a book, sitting quietly near their favorite window of their house or in the shade of a tree in the garden. You can get the same experience when you use Kindle as it also gives you the ideal feeling and enjoyment of a real book. This makes Kindle the best ebook reader suitable for elders

Kindle has several lovable features.  With only less than 6 ounces in weight, Kindle is lighter than an ordinary paperback.  (There are versions of Kindle with slight weight variations). As its thickness is only 1/3 of an inch, it is much thinner too. Due to its high contrast E Ink display, Kindle delivers clear, crisp text and images without causing you any eye strain.

Another feather which makes Kindle E-Ink the best ebook reader is that you can read it like real paper print in bright sunlight and also in your bedroom lamp. In comparison, the reflective screens on LCD tablets and computers make it hard to read in bright light and many people find that the backlight in these LCD screen tires their eyes over long reading sessions. (Color LCD versions of Kindle is also available )

Kindle is the best e-book reader which can replace your whole library, though it weighs less than a book. It can carry thousands books in its 4 GB memory. Your reading material can be downloaded from Amazon’s huge collection of over one million books, including New York Times Best Sellers. In addition, you can also get audio books, periodicals and blogs.  All these books and periodicals can be downloaded directly to your Kindle, the best e-reader, using its in-built Wi-Fi facility.

While you can buy your books and reading material at low prices, you can also access to over 2 million free, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books such as Pride and Prejudice. In addition, with an Amazon Prime membership, Kindle owners can choose from thousands of books to borrow for free – including over 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers – as frequently as a book a month, with no due dates. No wonder it is considered the best e-reader.

Kindle Keyboard has amazing battery life. With the wireless kept ‘off’, a single charge can last up to one month for half an hour of daily reading.

Kindle is very simple to operate.  It has a very responsive touch screen using which you can turn pages effortlessly. 

Once you get too tired or idle to read, Kindle 1st generation has another amazing feature.  It can read out loudly the passages in English to you. In addition, you can also download over 60,000 audio books, read by authors, celebrities, and world-class narrators—with wireless delivery via Wi-Fi. Kindle can make the reading fonts larger or smaller suiting to your visibility and needs.

With its simple, easy to use format, user-friendly shape and features and huge capacity and utility, Kindle is the best ebook reader and an ideal gift for the seniors, especially those who love reading.  Kindle is delivered at your doorstep in most of the countries including India and the payment can be made directly using your Credit card.
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