Reverse Mortgage – a lifesaver for senior citizens


A baby boomer, who is relishing retirement life after a long stint of public service. Currently engaged in activities focussed on senior citizens. Keen to offer helpful tips to other 50+ fellows to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

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  1. Muraly Nair says:

    I think, it is also a good response to those thankless children who do not look after their parents when they need it the most. It reaffirms my view that one should not give away his/her property, both moveable and immoveable, to the children in one’s lifetime. One can will it to the children ( i.e., if one desires so,) when he/she is in total control of his/her faculties, and let the children take it away once you are gone. [Fortunately, this might not apply to most f us, but there are at least few I know who need it.]

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